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Graham Balch // Promoting an Electric Revolution on the Water - Ep. 65

Graham Balch is the Managing Broker at Green Yachts - a new brokerage in San Rafael that is dedicated to selling, servicing and promoting electric boats. He shares with me the latest advances in electric propulsion and other green technology for sailboats. Graham recently spent time with Kika and Dan of Sailing Uma to test sail a Salona 46 in Croatia and you can see their video review of that boat here.

Kimball Livingston // Writing and Racing in SF and Around the World - Ep. 64

Kimball Livingston covered sailing for the San Francisco Chronicle for fourteen years. He then moved to a position as the West Coast Editor for Sail Magazine. His assignments took him around the globe and had him covering everything from local races to the America’s Cup. His coverage has been seen and heard on NPR, Radio New Zealand, and the CBS Evening News. He’s a past Commodore of St. Francis Yacht Club and current Chair of Junior sailing at the club.

Ernie Koepf // Going to Sea for Solace, Affirmation, and a Living - Ep. 63

Ernie Koepf has seen the many sides and many eras of commercial fishing on the west coast. He grew up fishing with his family out of Half Moon Bay, and took to the life, buying his own boat to search the seas for crab, salmon, herring and more. His book Opening Day is a fictionalized account of his life and it’s a story beautifully told. Ernie will be reading his writing at the 8th annual Suasalito Community Boating Center Herring Festival on January 27th. Get your tickets here.

Ryan Finn // Attempting a Record: Sailing Solo, Non-Stop from NY to SF - Ep. 62

Ryan Finn grew up sailing with his family in the Gulf of Mexico. At 19 he was diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma and while undergoing cancer treatment he became fascinated by single-handed sailing. Today, Finn has successfully completed three Trans-Atlantic and three Trans-Pacific crossings. Now he's about to attempt the first ever solo, non-stop sail from New York to San Francisco around Cape Horn East to West. And he’s undertaking the 14,000 voyage in a modern proa, an updated version of a Polynesian sailing canoe. Follow Ryan’s journey at 2Oceans1Rock.

Linda Newland // Fastest Woman Across the Pacific Single-Handed - Ep. 61

Linda Newland has devoted a good part of her life to expanding the presence of women in the sailing. She is an accomplished sailor herself, having done numerous single-handed races, including multiple San Francisco to Hawaii Transpacs. She holds the record for the “Fastest Woman Single-handed Transpac” in a race from San Francisco to Japan, and she skippered an all-female Transpac team in 1997. Linda holds a 100-ton Captain’s License, she ran a yacht delivery service, she’s a maritime attorney, a nautical science instructor, a certified ASA instructor, and served as president of the National Women’s Sailing Association. Nearly thirty years ago she co-founded the Island Yacht Club’s Northern California Women’s Sailing Seminars, and in September went virtual to continue the tradition through the pandemic.

Jeff Cote // Enabling Dreams through Marine Electrical Systems - Ep. 60

Jeff Cote is the founder and owner of Pacific Yacht Systems. He and his staff provide custom marine electrical solutions for boaters. He thinks of his work less as providing a service and more as enabling dreams. He started the company after buying his own boat and having to redo the electrical system because it was causing him such grief. He wasn’t going to let his dream die due to gear frustrations. And he’s now helping others keep their dreams alive and head off into the blue with systems that allow them to be disconnected and self-sufficient for days, weeks or months on end.

Lisa Chapin Bullett // Sharing the Joy of Sailing with Others - Ep. 59

Lisa Chapin Bullett Grew up sailing sunfish off the beach in Florida. Later, while living in Texas, she jumped to sailing bigger boats thanks to a program called SailTime in which members share boat access. Today, after cruising the East Coast, the Caribbean, and the Pacific as crew aboard various boats, Lisa is the owner of Sailtime San Francisco. As a licensed captain, Lisa has a passion for introducing people and families to sailing in whatever way works best for them.

Will & Sarah Curry // Crossing Oceans while Running a Business - Ep. 58

Will Curry grew up cruising with his family in desolation Sound, Sarah didn’t. But she did grow up reading about families that were out cruising and longed to do it herself. So it’s not a surprise that on their very first date they talked about sailing to the South Pacific.  Five years later, that’s just what they were doing, aboard their own boat. In addition to sailing together, Will and Sarah work together on the family business - Hydrovane steering systems. Follow Will & Sarah on their blog: svkaiquest.com

Tim Henry // Dredging Up Great Stories on San Francisco’s Waterfront - Ep. 57

Tim Henry is a man of many talents. He’s a sailor, a surfer, a windsurfer, a journalist, and an artist. Until recently Tim was Managing Editor at Latitude 38 and he’s uncovered some great stories for the magazine covering the Sausalito general plan, anchor outs in Richardson Bay, the Berkeley marina, and more. We talk about all of these things in this wide-ranging conversation.

Clark Beek // Being Run Over By A Container Ship & Other Adventures - Ep. 56

In 1999, at age 29, Clark Beek sailed out of Newport Harbor aboard his 40-foot Ketch on what he thought would be a year-long cruise. Ten years later he sailed into San Francisco, bringing with him stories of being torn apart by a Rottweiler, having dengue fever in Costa Rica and dysentery in India, going through a bloody insurrection in Fiji and a tsunami in Thailand, running aground on shoals and reefs, sailing through storms, and being run over by a container ship! Clark is a journalist who has written for nearly every sailing magazine out there. Check out his writing at http://condesa.org/

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